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For more info, see How long are deleted items kept in the Recycle Bin?

Important: The Share Point Recycle Bin is different from the Recycle Bin in Windows.

If you find yourself in this latter category of users, here’s how you can remove the Recycle Bin icon from the desktop in Windows 10.

You can tell for what versions by looking towards the upper right corner of the tutorial at the Applies to box.

You can place the reg inside our forum if you like, but a link to this tutorial may be better so that they would have instructions to go with it.

When Microsoft first announced the Windows Insider Program which promised to give Insiders early access to Windows 10, everyone was stoked; about the return of the Start Menu, about the refocus on mouse and keyboard, and about the new multi-tasking capabilities among other new features.

But there was one aspect many testers weren’t happy about; the icons.

To recover files deleted in Windows from your desktop or apps, try the Windows Recycle Bin first.

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